Specialty Frames

specialtyframesDown’s Syndrome

We are one of the two opticals in Broward County, FL that carry frames made especially for children and adults with Down’s Syndrome. This frame line is superior to the typical frame. The bridge is adjusted to fit on their smaller noses. The temples (some people call them arms) are designed to help keep the glasses from constantly slipping. These frames are available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit toddlers to adults.

safetyeyewearSafety Eyewear

We can make prescription glasses with permanent or removable safety shields. You can have the convenience of having one frame as your everyday glasses or use them as work safety-frames. They come in a variety of shapes and colors. They are made of titanium metal, which ensures the frames will not corrode in one year or create metal allergies on your nose and ears. Titanium metal makes these frames very light-weight for a comfortable ALL-DAY wear.

sportseyewearSports Goggles

Advantaged eyewear solutions to athletes in order to protect vision and improve performance. “If your child plays a sport that requires a helmet or faceguard, don’t make the mistake of thinking your child’s eyes are protected from injuries. Your child’s eyes are still exposed to danger from sports equipment, or an opponent’s fingers penetrating the openings of a face mask. Likewise, if your child wears glasses, everyday fashion eyewear is not held to the same protective standards as regulation eyewear products labeled as protective eyewear for sports use. The lens in your child’s regular eyeglasses could easily pop out and puncture or cut the eye. A frame mangled from impact could also injure the eyes and ocular region of the face… Some of the highest rates of eye injuries occur in children between the ages of 5 to 14. ” By Paul Berman, OD, F.A.A.O.

watersportsgogglesSwim Goggles / Scuba Diving Goggles


When you like scuba diving and swimming and do not want to risk the loss of your contact lenses while under water, making a pair of prescription scuba diving goggles or prescription swim goggles are your best solution. Colors and sizes available for children and adults..